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Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

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Soil Stabilization

Geotechnical Info .Com provides access to several free downloadable publications relating to soil stabilization. If you need more information than what is currently provided here, then post a question in the Geotechnical Forum.


Soil Stabilization Publications Available for Downloading

FHWA RD-83-027 Link - Design and Construction of Stone Columns, Vol. 1. Describes construction and design aspects of stone columns used for ground improvement and stabilizing soils.

FHWA RD-83-027 - Design and Construction of Stone Columns, Vol. 2. Appendix of volume 1 that describes construction and design aspects of stone columns used for ground improvement and stabilizing soils.

FHWA RD-97-142, 143, 144, and 00-157 - Durability of Geosynthetics for Highway Applications. This research document was intended to predict long-term strength loss of geosynthetic tensile capacity, primarily for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls, reinforced soil slopes and foundation applications.

USACE TM 5-818-8 - Engineering Use of Geotextiles

USACE TM 5-822-14 - Soil Stabilization for Pavements

USACE TM 5-818-1 - Soils and Geology Procedures for Foundation Design of Buildings and Other Structures (Except Hydraulic Structures)


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