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Settlement Analysis, Pressure & Stress Software

Please look at the information and related sources for Settlement Analysis in the publications or technical guidance links. Or, post a question in the Geotechnical Forum.


Settlement Analysis Software

FoSSA - Used by the FHWA, this program computes the magnitude and time rate of settlement resulting from roadway loading conditions (embankments, retaining structures, and all forms of permanent and temporary loads). The output is extensive in both tabular and graphical formats.

HSPACE - Program that solves for stresses and displacements.

ICES SEPOL - Analysis of stress distribution, magnitude and rate of settlement.

SAS3D - Calculates stresses and displacements due to rectangular surface loads.

VDISPL - Assists in calculating vertical displacements beneath shallow foundations. For this program, you can input various soil types, multilayered soil systems, and used for rectangular, mat or strip footings.


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