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Welcome to Geotechnical Info .Com

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Geotechnical Info .Com has been officially launched on October 8, 2006 in order to enhance the development of professional and in-training geotechnical engineers. This is one of the best resources for geotechnical engineering currently available on the web, and will even get better with time, as my time permits.

This website was created by one geotechnical engineer with the desire to help other engineers, and further the development of my own career. Please provide some of your comments in order to make this website better for you. I have spent numerous hours in developing this website, and it is my intention to spend much more time by consistently enhancing this website in order to provide the best possible value to the user.

I have worked for both the private and public sectors. I loved working for the public sector because on an ideological level, I'd rather work and provide services to the community over working for profit. The private sector, however, has its own set of advantages and challenges that are usually not found in the public sector. Currently, I run a small engineering firm in rural Washington State.

You will not see any annoying pop-ups, or gimmicks. I am not a CEO, only looking for ways to separate you from your money, or maximize a profit.

I do ask for donations, but it is entirely your decision. I know engineers are notoriously cheap, so I don't expect much, if any. Low-key advertisements have been introduced in March 2009, and has been generating modest revenue.

You are encouraged to provide any ideas or topics that you would like to see on Geotechnical info .Com. Your ideas can be sent here.


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